HOLZ-HER STORE-MASTER Panel Storage Systems

HOLZ-HER STORE-MASTER Panel Storage Systems

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HOLZ-HER StoreMaster Panel Storage Systems: Open Up Completely New Methods of Innovative Storage

With HOLZ-HER panel storage systems, increase the capacity and profitability of your shop. The personnel and organizational expenses for handling the panels is reduced to a minimum, even for a wide variety of panels and decorative finishes. The HOLZ-HER STORE-MASTER panel storage system is suitable for a variety of formats and materials.

The panels can be positioned by the manipulator in a chaotic as well as assorted structure. In each case, exactly the right panel is selected by a computer during removal. Your stock panels can be rotated easily by up to 90° and therefore stored in any desired direction. Damage to the panels is ruled out due to automatic, computer-controlled transport.

Here is what HOLZ-HER offers:

• Intelligent portal manipulator

• Careful panel handling to prevent material damage

• Labeling system

• Panel separation monitoring

• Remnant return

• Weight-optimized stable design

• Optimum space utilization

• Dynamic panel preparation

• Panel position correction

• Intelligent storage software including interface.

STORE-MASTER Panel Storage

• Storage entry and exit location with stop - no standstill during storage operations due to separate fuse protection

• Electronic panel measurement

• Safety features include secured door and guard fence

suitable for a variety of formats and materials.

• Reduction of personnel and organizational costs for panel handling

Panel Storage Solutions to fit your Shops Needs:

Storage solution (1) with precision pressure beam saw: The entry version for craftsmen, this panel storage solution from HOLZ-HER for charging a TECTRA 6120 pressure beam saw, offers ideal stockkeeping and perfect cutting for your craftsmen and a significant increase in productivity. The TECTRA 6120 horizontal panel saw can process even large quantities of panels rationally.

Storage solutions (2) with saw and nesting feature: Panel storage solutions for charging a TECTRA 6120 pressure beam saw and DYNESTIC 7532/7535 nesting CNC machining center in combination with highly efficient utilization of all available storage space. You can automate your custom production with the support of intelligent software.

Storage solution (3) professional cutting center: Panel storage solutions for your cutting center with the TECTRA 6120 and ZENTREX 6220 pressure beam saws for maximum flexibility in the field of panel cutting. The panel cutting saws from HOLZ-HER combine precision technology with intelligent handling solutions for effective and precise panel cutting.

Storage solution (4) maximum output with saw and nesting feature: The ZENTREX 6220 pressure beam saw with its high series cutting capacity is connected to the DYNESTIC 7532/7535 CNC machining center for custom job production in the nesting field with possibilities for milling, drilling, and sawing. These high-end nesting and sawing solutions from HOLZ-HER combine individuality and flexibility with maximum output.

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