HOLZ-HER Glu Jet glue Application System

HOLZ-HER Glu Jet glue Application System

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HOLZ-HER GLU JET System: Top quality – highly flexible, time and energy saving.

System advantages:

• The slit nozzle applies the glue to the panel exactly at a pressure of 6 bars. This ensures a strong joint between the panel and edging.

• Sensing allows precise height adjustment of the system to the panel thickness.

• Easy processing of various types of glue. EVA or PUR – all types of glue can be processed in cartridge or granule form.

• Can hold up to four cartridges or up to 1.5 kg of granule material (Option: 5 kg hopper).

• Sealed system prevents unpleasant odors from escaping glue vapors.

• Simple color change ensures that glued joint matches decoration.

• The nozzle design ensures homogeneous glue application.

The Glu Jet with its optimized nozzle design arrangement automatically adapts to all common panel thicknesses worldwide. The tracing nozzle automatically compensates panel thickness tolerances. The sensing shoe is spring mounted and opens the nozzle to exactly the panel thickness sensed. This results in perfect, clean glue application even on panels with highly varying thicknesses.


• Solid wood edging

• Veneer edging

• Plastic edging

• Aluminum edging

• Formica edging

• Melamine resin edging

• Many others

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