Barbaric Panel Storage System CSF Professional

Barbaric Panel Storage System CSF Professional

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Barbaric Panel Storage System CSF Professional: Barbaric's storage systems enable automatic storage of panel material with maximum efficiency and also allow fully automatic loading of various production lines such as saws or CNCs. From low-cost, compact solutions for production to high-performance industrial solutions as well as multi-level configurations - Barbaric offers a solution for every handling task.

With the 90° rotation unit, Barbaric’s Panel Storage System CSF Professional allows for panels to be stored in all directions. In each stacking process the panels are measured and weighed. High process reliability through continuous measuring and recording of the weight of the panels. Orientation of the angular position while driving. 180° rotation unit optional.

Your benefits at a glance:

• Optimized material flow

• Gentle manipulation; no damage of the panels during transport

• Optimization of space

• Reduced personnel expenses

• Simplification and alleviation of production processes

• Higher capacity utilization of your manufacturing machine

• Highest flexibility in production processes

• Best possible material utilization due to re-integration of rest pieces

• Integrated warehouse management

• Short payback periods of one to two years

• Order-picking - operation without saw is possible

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