Cefla IBOTIC Cartesian Spray Robot

Cefla IBOTIC Cartesian Spray Robot

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Cefla IBOTIC Cartesian Spray Robot: What makes iBotic so special is that it can work simultaneously on pieces of different shape and thickness, with the conveyor either at standstill or on the move, in tracking mode. iBotic is also available in different versions with a working length from 3,000 mm* up to 5,500 mm (Depending on the setting of the guns, the type of arm and the type of application, paint or glue.)


  • Improved hardware control reducing the equipment’s energy consumption
  • Intuitive HMI graphics based on user feedback acquired over the years
  • Simultaneous function control on the same arm for quicker adjustments
  • Automatic adjustment system for the exhaust fan with less need for operator intervention
  • Solvent trays are now accessible from the side of the machine
  • Internal camera for monitoring purposes or remote servicing/troubleshooting by our technicians

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ModelIBOTIC Cartesian Spray Robot