Entecco Schlingmeister 3000 Dust Collector

Entecco Schlingmeister 3000 Dust Collector

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Entecco Schlingmeister 3000 Modular Dust Collector: The Entecco Schlingmeister 3000 is an exterior, modular, expandable central dust collector for woodworking with up to 13,000 CFM per module. Each module has one or two 25 hp fans located inside the clean air plenum. Each fan moves 6,500 CFM.

Your benefits at a glance:

• Fans located inside the clean air plenum reduce the amount of duct and associated static pressure. 

• Less duct means lower energy consumption. 

• Noise pollution is greatly reduced. 

• The fans do not have a “footprint” on the ground. 

• Complete control panel with motor starters,   sensors, data logging, inputs, and outputs. 

• One or two fans are equipped with a Variable  Frequency Drive (VFD) to speed or slow the fan to maintain sufficient airflow for the number of machines in operation. This design reduces energy consumption compared to a single large fan. 

• Continuous production with redundant fans. 

• Explosion vents are directed upward for personnel safety. 

• 81 bags per module in a 9 x 9 array (1,884 SF of media). 

• 3 vibratory cleaning devices in each module operate when the fan is off. 

• Rotary airlock, sprinklers, access ladder, and service platform included. 

• Additional modules can be equipped with drag chain (for solid wood) or screw conveyor (for panel processing). 

• NFPA-compliant 

• Expandable - largest installation has 17 modules. 

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ModelSchlingmeister 3000 Dust Collector