Felder Group Format 4 plan 51L Planer

Felder Group Format 4 plan 51L Planer

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Felder Group Format4 plan 51L Planer: The solid plan 51L planer from the premium brand Format4 impresses with its new design and above all with the new three metre planing table length. The feeding planer table alone offers 1,650 millimetres of adequate supporting surface for larger dimensioned workpieces. As an absolute highlight, the new plan 51L is the first Format4 planer that offers a tiltable planing table for concave and convex joint finishing. 

The space saving design of the planing fence makes it possible to position the planer directly against the workshop wall. The comfort guard is integrated into the machine chassis and can be folded away which, when coupled, with the counter design of the machine cover panel allows absolute freedom of movement when planing. The Power Drive electrical height adjustment is included as standard and offers operating comfort of the highest level. The ergonomically designed control panel is positioned at eye level.

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ManufacturerFelder Group
ModelFormat 4 plan 51L Planer