Felder Group Format4 profil 92 M e-motion

Felder Group Format4 profil 92 M e-motion

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Felder Group Format4 profil 92 M e-motion: The new 92 M table spindle shaper is the Format4 premium model for maximum operating comfort and guarantees absolute efficiency with minimal set-up times when milling. The sophisticated electro-spindle is equipped with an HSK 63F interface for automatic tool quick-change system with pneumatic clamping. The tilting range of +/- 46 degrees allows unlimited processing possibilities. The rotation speed, spindle height and angle as well as the spindle shaper fence and table opening can be adjusted intuitively and precisely with the self-explanatory e-motion control in the 15" touchscreen control panel. The memory for tools, spindles and mortising programs enable perfect repeatability and short set-up times.

Controlled, eccentric inserts ensure maximum table supporting surface and considerably reduce the setting effort especially when tilting the spindle. The newly developed heavy-duty precision spindle shaper fence has two controlled axes for precise depth adjustment of the entire stop and in addition, an independent depth positioning of the right-hand, feeding jaw. Furthermore, the fence can be completely swivelled away from the work area for convenient access during curved shaping operations. Optionally, the profil 92 M can also be equipped with an electrically height-adjustable power feeder.

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ManufacturerFelder Group
ModelFormat4 profil 92 M e-motion
RPM1000 - 18000