Felder Group Format4 Kappa 450 x-motion

Felder Group Format4 Kappa 450 x-motion

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Felder Group Format4 kappa 450 x-motion: A large circular saw unit that enables large blade diameters and a cutting height of up to 6". The x-motion features of the Format 4 kappa 450 impress with an automatic rip fence, unlimited tool storage and programmable cutting sequences in the in-house software. All axes of the machine can be controlled ergonomically and intuitively by the central operating unit with its 10"touch screen.

Optional PCS Safety System: PCS is currently the fastest, non-contact triggering safety device in the world.

The Preventive Contact System recognizes human tissue in the danger zone and triggers before contact with the saw blade. Sliding table panel saws with the PCS safety retraction is ready for use again at the touch of a button and require no additional maintenance or cleaning cycles.

• Release triggered within milliseconds without contact

• No additional maintenance and cleaning cycles required

• Immediately ready for use at the push of a button

• PCS works even if contaminated by dust

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ManufacturerFelder Group
ModelFormat4 Kappa 450 x-motion