Nederman FlexFilter EX

Nederman FlexFilter EX

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Nederman FlexFilter EX: The Nederman FlexFilter EX is a state-of-the-art filter system to meet your current and future needs. The Flexfilter EX is manufactured to withstand overpressure from a potential explosion and is equipped with an explosion relief panel. The dust collector is fully earth bonded in all modular components. All electric equipment is EX classified for combustible dust.

Permitted materials:

It is of outmost importance to know the properties of the extracted material. The FlexFilter EX is intended to be a part of an extraction system collecting material with the following properties:

- Dust explosion class: St1 and St2

- Pmax: ≤10 bar

- MIE (Minimum Ignition Energy) >1 mJ

- MIT (Minimum Ignition Temperature) > 205 °C

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ModelFlexFilter EX