Sun-Spot Catalytic Paint Drying System

Sun-Spot Catalytic Paint Drying System

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Sun-Spot Catalytic Paint Drying System: Sun-Spot’s products are flameless catalytic infrared heaters. The HT-100 and HT-200 are  cost effective and can force the drying or curing of any type of coating. Sun-Spot’s flameless catalytic heaters produce extraordinary results. They are up to 80% more economical and 4x faster compared to hot air convection drying. Catalytic flameless combustion is 100% safe to use and a tested process.

The Sun-Spot HT-100 is their standard model which offers a wide array of features. Built to last, performance paint curing at its best. 

• CSA international approved 

• Flameless, catalytic combustion, 100 % safe 

• Very fast curing, low fuel consumption (less than .75$ per hour) 

• Energy saving: 70-80 % compare to convection

The Sun-Spot HT-200 Catalytic Heater is a premium unit that delivers twice the curing surface. With outstanding results, the Sun-Spot HT-200 delivers the efficiency you’ve been looking for! 

• Curing foot print 4 X 4 feet by heating head 

• HT-200 (2 heads) have a 4 X 8 feet foot print 

• Infrared medium waves 

• 6 to 8 times faster than convection

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