MB ROBA Bottom Sander Machiner

MB ROBA Bottom Sander Machiner

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MB ROBA Bottom Sander: The ROBA Bottom Sander machine line is constructed for bottom sanding of work pieces in a through feed process for the following applications:

• Intermediate lacquer sanding

• White wood sanding

• MDF sanding

ROBA Bottom Sander advantages:

• Easy integration into every sanding line.

• Perfect complement to all top working MB surface sanding machines.

• Vacuum transport system feeds the work pieces secure over the sanding units.

• Machine operated with Touch Screen control, all parameters are programmable.

• Modular machine design for various aggregate configurations.

• Infinitely variable setting of all sanding movements and feed speed.

• Abrasive configuration is freely selectable from the MB Flex system.

In the basic configuration the Bottom Sander machine series contains a disc system what is a solid basic layout for those customers, who wish an optimized price-performance ratio.

Due to the modular design of this series also other sanding systems, such as a double brush aggregate enhancement, is available. The possibility of different aggregate combinations allows the customer to arrange a machine for his specific application.

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ModelROBA Bottom Sander Machiner