Timesavers 33 Series

Timesavers 33 Series

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Timesavers 33 Series: The 33 Series is a dependable machine that can be outfitted with up to five heads, each designed to give the user their desired finish. These machines are designed to impact a wide range of woodworking applications and situations, such as sanding, planing, orbital and veneer sanding. The 33 Series can also be used for a variety of other non-metal products such as rubber, foam, fiber-glass, mineral core and composites and more.

Some of the additional key features of the 33 Series machine include:

• Machine widths of 25, 37, 52 and 64 inches

Multiple head types

Main motor with 75 horsepower max

Simple-touch HMI/PLC interface by Timesavers

Motorized lift

Available in both top and bottom configurations

Optional productivity reporting

Built for high production and 24/7 operations

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Model33 Series