WEINIG ProfiRip 340

WEINIG ProfiRip 340

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WEINIG ProfiRip 340: A strong platform, whether as an optimizing rip saw or multi-blade rip saw. Well-equipped in the standard version and with a range of intelligent options. The robust construction and solid pressure unit lay the foundations for optimal material transport and cutting results. The use of special saw blades allows glueable cuts to be produced whether ripping or edging. The extraordinarily powerful circular saws allow the most difficult materials to be processed. Even large thickness variances in the raw material (incoming goods) pose no problem.

The WEINIG ProfiRip 340 provides:

  • Optimal cutting quality
  • Up to 3 automatically adjustable saw blades
  • Short setup times
  • Large performance range
  • Robust, long-lasting construction
  • Variable for a range of applications

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