WEINIG OptiCut 50 XL

WEINIG OptiCut 50 XL

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WEINIG OptiCut 450 XL: The OptiCut 450 XL is the machine in the OptiCut 450 series for large and oversized wood cross- sections. Equipped with individually suspended and extra wide feed rollers, this optimizing cross-cut saw generates high torque and transfers it to large and heavy boards. Its strong overhead drive rollers follow the wood contour for consistent power  transmission and maximum grip, enabling precise positioning. The standard configuration comprises a saw blade with a diameter of 700 mm for processing cross-sections up to 430 x 25 mm or 235 x 200 mm. The machine offers high cutting performance and length accuracy.

The WEINIG OptiCut 450 XL provides:

  • Robust machine concept for extremely large cross-sections
  • Three extra wide driven overhead feed rollers follow the wood contour
  • Pneumatic saw stroke
  • Cutting of cross-sections up to 430 x 25 mm or 235 x 200 mm is possible
  • Integrated waste gate as standard
  • Saw blade diameter 700 mm
  • Measuring wheel in front of saw blade
  • Min. fixed length behind saw blade: 300 mm
  • Cutting tolerance ± 1.0 mm to 1000 mm length

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ModelOptiCut 50 XL