WEINIG OptiCut 450

WEINIG OptiCut 450

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WEINIG OptiCut 450: The OptiCut 450 can handle almost any quality of wood. This powerful machine is designed for consistent high production even when using lower grade or twisted wood. The length measurement of the entire work piece is carried out before the first saw cut. Thanks to drive-independent measuring wheels, faulty measurements due to slippage or belt elongation are ruled out. In combination with the intelligent optimization software, this guarantees maximum material yield. An additional measuring wheel in front of the saw blade ensures maximum cutting accuracy.

The robust saw body of the OptiCut 450 has three driven overhead feed rollers which follow the wood contour, ensuring maximum grip, precise positioning and high acceleration. This guarantees continuously high performance even in multi-shift operation.

In addition to optional software solutions to optimize your production, various mechanization solutions are available. An OptiCut is constructed according to a modular system, which means that you are also well equipped for the future. You can react quickly to changing market requirements by adding appropriate extensions. Connecting scanners, OptiCut Stackers (for automatic stacking of preferred lengths) and/or extending the system to create multiple cross-cut lines are no problem.

The WEINIG OptiCut 450 provides

  • VarioSpeed infeed belt as standard
  • Three driven overhead feed rollers follow the wood contour
  • Pneumatic saw stroke
  • Cutting of cross-sections up to 310 x 12 mm or 190 x 120 mm is possible
  • Integrated waste gate as standard
  • Measuring wheel in front of saw blade
  • Saw blade diameter 500 mm
  • Min. fixed length behind saw blade: 150 mm
  • Cutting tolerance ± 0.8 mm to 1000 mm length

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