WEINIG OptiCut 200

WEINIG OptiCut 200

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WEINIG OptiCut 200: If a push-feed saw no longer meets the customer’s capacity requirements in single-board operation and it is not possible to operate in pack cutting mode because defects must be cut out or random lengths have to be processed, the OptiCut 200 offers an entry-level option into a new class of optimizing cross-cut saws. It has the primary features of WEINIG DIMTER through-feed saws such as superior precision, advanced technical availability and, last but not least, low operating costs. Reliably high daily capacity, full optimization as standard and completely trouble-free operation are essential features of the OptiCut 200.

WEINIG OptiCut 200 Exact: When it comes to maximum length accuracy, the OptiCut 200 Exact is the best choice. With its special measuring method, it achieves length accuracy of up to ± 0.5 mm - for up to 8 preferred lengths. The accuracy of the OptiCut 200 Exact does not, however, compromise its high daily capacity! Intelligent saw blade control can reduce tears and achieve cutting surfaces of the most superior quality. To achieve maximum squareness of the cut, active lateral pressure is also available, which additionally presses the workpiece against the stop guide. Maximum precision and, in many cases, the avoidance of an additional work step are the result.

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