WEINIG CombiScan Sense R

WEINIG CombiScan Sense R

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WEINIG CombiScan Sense: The modular design of the CombiScan Sense allows various sensor technologies to be combined together as modules in accordance with customer requirements. This provides a custom made machine with a perfect sensor combination with a very good price-performance ratio. The standard laser camera enables detection of defects on up to 4 sides. Color features are recorded and reliably recognized with an additional high-resolution, color camera. Not only is it possible to detect blue stain, for example, it is also possible to sort by color features. Lamellae for edge glued panels, for example, can be classified and sorted in color grades before pressing.

CombiScan Sense R:

  • Increased recovery since the detection accuracy of the scanner is far superior to manual cutting positioning
  • Increased recovery since two-dimensional optimization of the scanner can predict end-product optimization results
  • Reduced labor costs, since labor-intensive manual marking is dispensed with
  • Maximum productivity thanks to automated defect detection and optimization
  • More flexible production since many different qualities and products can be produced at the same time

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ModelCombiScan Sense R