SmartCoat Roll Coater

SmartCoat Roll Coater

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The roller coating systems developed by Cefla Finishing are efficient and easy to use, and can offer users a number of advantages in terms of productivity and end product quality.

A roller coating system generally consists of roller coaters located downstream from UV ovens in succession, with an upstream sanding machine. These coating lines can be customized to specific requirements, ideally for manufacturers who need to process the same large-volume production batches repeatedly.

They can also be designed to offer as much flexibility as possible - e.g. for finishing subcontractors who need to change from one color or thickness to the next while limiting downtime. Most roller coating lines can reach up to over 100 meters in length, taking up a lot of floor space, and need to be managed efficiently.

Roller coating can be used for surface-finishing different materials in a number of industries. In particular, it is the ideal solution for processing flat panels.

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