Italpresse Solid Wood Edge Gluing Systems

Italpresse Solid Wood Edge Gluing Systems

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Automatic pressing lines for solid wood edge and face gluing (PL/9-CS, GB13, GB13 SUPER, FAST)

Italpresse pressing lines for blockboard and lamellar are ideal for producing:

  • block and lamellar panels with hard and soft woods
  • panels with thin thicknesses
  • beams
  • lamellar for doors and windows
  • door elements
  • stairs
  • tables
  • doors,
  • coffins etc.

The simplest configuration of blockboard and lamellar pressing lines provides a system of composition and automatic loading into the press, the press with both vertical and lateral thrust and an unloading platform. Therefore, automatic slat loaders, single-track and multi-track automatic feeders, vertical roller, comb or spray gluing machines, horizontal veil gluing machines, cross and longitudinal panel saws (also inclinable) can be added.

The gluing technologies available on Italpresse systems are: cold, hot with assembled tops or in solid perforated steel or with high frequency generators.

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