Frequently Asked Questions

We post frequently asked questions here.

Do you offer return on investment justification help?

Coffey Machinery are experts at writing ROI justifications. We work with our customers current process and help you understand where improvement can be made. Just let us know and we will visit with you to discuss.

What options do I have for financing?

Today's equipment financing is very friendly. Oftentimes taking only a single page application and a quick credit check most companies answer within 24 hours. Terms are flexible and many companies even offer delayed first payment plans so you can get the machine running before you pay. We have a leasing tab on our web page under Services where you can find an application. 

What is Industry 4.0?

The term's Industry 4.0 and or The Internet of Things (IoT) are often used today. In basic terms it describes the access of real time data across your process, from website hit to completed and shipped product. The woodworking machinery industry often describes machine monitoring as Industry 4.0 - we believe it is much more than that. We too have the machine monitoring, we have the APP for your phone that can tell you when your machine needs something, but more importantly we can help with the Website order to completed product shipment. Let's talk if you find this interesting.